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Other jobs: Firefighter, Event planner , Adventurer. Rabbits generally have a good mind for business, with a special eye for taking good risks. You should consider a career in real estate or fashion design.

As someone who articulates yourself well, you will be a successful writer , teacher and public relations officer. You are prepared to devote yourself to your job and are really very responsible.

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Your persistent nature will be handy in all of these fields too. Dragons have brilliant leadership skills and are destined to play an important role in their companies.

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You are also sometimes described as overly enthusiastic. Dragons do not enjoy unchanging occupations and should avoid office work , by rather pursuing business affairs. Careers that allow you to use your creative side are also good, so you should think about entering the world of fashion designing, advertising or anything in the television industry. You have an eye for trends and will enjoy an adventurous career so perhaps you should consider becoming a pilot , or hiking guide. Other jobs: Lawyer , Computer analyst , Engineer. You do get bored quite easily and typically fall into a life of job hopping.

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Snakes manage difficulties quite well and have a good sense of responsibility. You are an excellent problem solver, and Snakes like you usually thrive in complicated environments.


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Other jobs: Gardener , Fashion designer, Painter, Astrologer. Horses are competitive, good communicators, and great socialisers. As a child, you were probably the rebellious or naughty one in your class or family. You actually enjoy socialising with a range of different people. And in a professional setting, you prefer giving commands as opposed to receiving orders. Goats are described as calm, sensitive and intelligent. Other jobs: Paediatrician, Interior designer , Editor , Graphic designer.

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Monkeys are very energetic and would enjoy social environments that require lots of brain work the most. As a Monkey, you adapt well to change and this makes you the perfect person for leadership positions.

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  7. You are able to work quickly while producing quality too. You have excellent communication skills and are quick witted and naturally curious. These are great traits for a journalist , engineer and sales rep to have. If you want a career that requires you to burn more of your energy, try the entertainment industry, or become a restaurant manager or building contractor. Your ability to multi-task makes you a hot commodity on the job market - your boss will never want to let you go.

    As a natural hard worker and highly motivated individual, you will make a good banker , dentist , or bookkeeper. If you are a Rooster, we don't have to tell you that your organisational skills are excellent as you like to always be in control. You are sometimes described as over-confident which is a good thing for your career and has the potential to fulfil your yearning for activities that reap great rewards.

    Other jobs: secretary , dancer, insurance consultant.

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    Dogs are the best colleagues anyone could ask for. Loyal and hardworking, you are seen as a valuable employee.

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    If this is true for you then you should consider a career in sports or hospitality management. If your Chinese Sign is a Pig, then you are most likely very reliable. You have a kind of creative flair and would make a great technician , interior decorator or chef. In fact, you probably really enjoy cooking and would happily live the rest of your life as a caterer. You most definitely do not neglect your responsibilities. To date, the Chinese believe that getting married on an auspicious day will bring about joy and prosperity to the marriage.

    Foreword: The auspicious wedding dates are applicable to anyone regardless of your ethnicity or religion. It does however take into account your zodiac signs. Best Wedding Themes For Year Save This!

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